Friday, December 08, 2006

University and me

Hey everyone =)

Long time no post hehe. Well what can I say? I've just been busy these past few months. With what u say? with university stuff! i never knew it could be so hard. Yet it was still very easy. I found that by breaking the things you do into smaller chunks you can handle what you are doing without having a nervous breakdown! but in the process id like to thank a friend who helped me with my time management and helped me learn how to make lists. (trust me they are really useful!) further more, I decided to apply to just two universities. Rhode Island Scool of Design (R.I.S.D) and Syracuse university (in New York). Their both good schools and i really want to get into one of them! they both asked for portolios and RISD asked for me to draw three drawings. I guess it is some kind of drawing test. The themes were:

1. Bicylce

2. Interior or exterior environment

3. Anything i want to draw

for the first one i drew my bike, the second one i drew our house from the outside, and the last one i did was a selp portrait.

I took pictures of them so you can see and possible leave your opinions :)

(PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR THE POOR IMAGE QUALITY, I COULD NOT KEEP THE CAMERA STILL,to view the whole image just click the thumbnail )

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