Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fun with the Imac G5

we were at mubareks house playing with the G5 and i gotta say it's quite the computer :D its really amazin :P lol with built in camera :P well being the fools we are we played around with the cam and these are the pics we took lol :P

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z@zO0o said...

WOOOOOOOOOW and kooool , i remember how much we had fun last time ,its was amazing computer he bought lol , anyway gr8 work keep it up boy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favourite thing to tell is "friends may not be seen 2gether everyday but in each heart they truly stay! FOREVER!!!!!!!" always remember we r sharing one heart and one relationship 2gether and im not saying its just for u it also to every1 we missed a lot and we will nvr forget them how strong relationship n friendship we r.
we will miss skooool (CLASSS OF 2000006) YEAH YEAH !!!!!